Relocation Services in Grenoble

int.mobility : the relocation agency for young professionals and international students, researchers arriving in Grenoble metropolitan area

Why use int. mobility for young Professionals ?

int.mobility is a relocation agency that facilitates the arrival of young professionals in the metropolitan Grenoble and in the Alps. The search for Accommodation, Welcome and pick-up and all the administrative procedures inherent in their arrival are taken care of by our teams.

int.mobility aims to build the living environment that they need for entering into their professional life and personal projects with success, while ensuring their safety and tranquillity when they arrive. Without the frustrations and waste of time associated with the long and costly procedures, they can therefore devote themselves from the first week to integration.

Being accompanied by int.mobility means having a referral person available 100% of the time to find the ideal accommodation and meet all other phases of integration following the arrival.



Identify which stage you are in the "France" journey by playing the goose game! Are you already in France? We can help you improve your living environment.

Relocation Services

These packages are available in the Grenoble region – a small gift upon arrival.

Tranquillo Service

Find a safe place to live indispensable for security
  • We collect your housing requirements
  • We carefully select and provide you 3 housing offers
  • We provide a 360° visit for 3 selected apartments
  • We prepare the rental documents
  • We can book a temporary accommodation (*)
  • We organize the signing of the lease / the arrival inventory / The handing over of the keys
  • We synchronize the housing insurance
  • We open energy subscriptions (water, gas, electricity)
  • 3 days Phone support
  • 5 days Phone support extension (*)

Welcome Service

A pick-up by the referent on arrival
  • We welcome you at your city’s airport/station 7/7
  • We drive you to your accommodation
  • With safety recommendations, we give an overview of the neighbourhood.
  • We offer 4 sessions of intercultural Coaching (French culture & local life)
  • 24-hour Phone support
  • We offer tailor-made sightseeing tours (*)
  • 5 days Phone support extension (*)

Admin start-up Service

Set up your subscriptions
  • We help open a French bank account
  • We help with the internet subscription
  • We help with the Intercity Transport subscription
  • We put you in touch for French lessons
  • We assist you with the Health Care coverage

Family Service

The best welcome in France for your family
  • We book accommodation
  • We pick you up at the airport/station and accompany to the apartment/hotel
  • We organize a 1/2-day visit
    Included: A guide to your city’s best addresses (outings/restaurants/shops)
  • We organize tailor-made sightseeing tours (*)

Options (on devis)

Additional Advisory Services
  • We book your temporary accommodation
  • We put you in touch for French lessons
  • We give intercultural Coaching – 4 integration counselling sessions
  • We organize tailor-made sightseeing tours (*)
  • Extended telephone support up to 5 working days
(*) services with an asterisk are an additional option to the price of the package


Jill , from Germany

Deciding to use int.mobility for my move to Grenoble was the best decision I could have taken! Catherine was well organised, easy to contact and helped immensely to facilitate the process of finding a great apartment. Avoiding the stress of having to contact agencies and flat owners directly but being able to concentrate on really looking at the object during the visits made it much easier to finding a perfect fit. In the end, I found a beautiful apartment in my budget in the area I wanted to be – thanks to Catherine and int.mobility! I would recommend int.mobility to anyone moving to Grenoble, whether you have been here before or not.

Omar, from Egypt

I came to Grenoble to start my PhD in a difficult situation with the pandemic going on, thus, making the process of finding a house even harder than it is normally. After lots of searching, visits and scams that all went in vain, I came across int. mobility. With int. mobility, the process became much easier and smoother. I have provided them with my requirements and budget (I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to where I live :D) and I can see that they really worked hard to match them and bring me the house I wanted in an area near the laboratory where I am doing my PhD. Catherine was my person of contact. She has been nice and helpful. She also spoke good English which is important for international students and not easy to come across in agencies.


Maria Catarina from Lisbon, Portugal

I saw a tagline for Int.mobility that I liked: “Le plus souple des atterrissages à Grenoble”. That’s exactly how it felt to me.

Cutting the long story short, when I landed in Grenoble, I already had a very nice and luminous apartment in the pleasant and central quartier of Île Verte, with all services on – water, electricity, heating, and internet. This still sounds quite amazing and certainly would not have been possible without Int.mobility and Catherine Fiol.

Catherine Fiol is an extremely efficient and dedicated professional, a thoughtful and generous person. But I think the real secret is that Catherine does not stop her efforts and rest simply because her clients seem to be happy with a solution – not until she is convinced that the best possible solutions has been presented to them.
In fact, I would have kept the apartment that I picked from the initial list, a correct choice in a convenient location. But Catherine found one that better matched my criteria and did not hesitate to contact me and the agency during her holidays to give me the opportunity to consider this new possibility, which I finally took! 

Initial review :

int. mobility

Catherine FIOL, founder of the company int.mobility


Catherine Fiol

Find out more about Catherine FIOL

I am Catherine FIOL, I am French and have lived 10 years in the United States and Germany. After 30 years as a Quality Engineer in international teams, I founded int.mobility.

My career and personal life have been marked by experiences abroad. At the age of 20, a year of study at a prestigious University of Pennsylvania profoundly changed my perception of the world. Then at the age of 30, in Munich and with my family, I benefited from support by professionals of international mobility, which allowed me to devote myself to my profession as an engineer. Finally, at the age of 40, I created a method of learning French for private pre-schools in the state of Illinois. All these transitions have been facilitated by referents in each of these countries.

It is my turn to be the reference in the assistance to the installation of young professionals and integration of international expatriates and students who choose this type of service. My vision is that of a world where the people who benefit from an “easy” and professional welcome are more involved in their professional projects. This is a real factor of success.

The int.mobility website is multicultural. The Chinese pages were designed by my partner for the communication of services for Chinese academics and employees in Europe.


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