We welcome your recruits and give a boost to your employees to build their living environment!

To boost the Welcome activity in #Grenoble, int.mobility develops offers for #companies in the metropolitan Grenoble, which are a major lever of #geographical mobility.

The mission of int.mobility is to support the transition to working life and all transitions from professional and personal life in the search for housing. The dedicated support removes the obstacles to mobility; those that may hinder the signing of the employment contract.

What services are offered?

I develop services that allow employees to be accommodated close to their workplace by looking for the best solutions to Rental and Home Buying.  Other services such as the administrative boost can optimise all aspects of the installation in a new city.

The beneficiary is the #employee who is supported in his search by a third person, #expert entirely dedicated to the Housing project in a neutral way.

The customers of int.mobility’s offers are companies that value the relationship with their employees and wish to offer them a pleasant living environment . These social benefits offered to them are a strong vector of communication of the Employer brand. They also have a positive impact to reduce the volatility of recruitment and strengthen business development strategies.

Beyond outsourcing the welcoming and the search for adequate housing, int.mobility offers a partnership with the HR department with monitoring tools.

On the financing side, some services can be partly financed by Action Logement Mobility aids. The system is flexible and efficient for recruitment.  At the signing of his employment contract being signed, the new employee is put in touch with int.mobility.

On the optimization side, we offer to the visit only properties pre-validated by the lessors which allows a saving of time and avoids frustrations. When future employees are not yet in Grenoble, we are equipped with a 360 camera for the immersive tour of the accommodation. A well-established workflow provides for an interview before the arrival in Grenoble. In a week are concentrated the three visits which allows to sign the lease in the following week.

The employee benefits from the professional network of partners of int.mobility  and the knowledge of “Action Logement” aids.